The company was founded, back in 1964, by Emmanouil (Manos) Fotopoulos as Companionship at Dafne, Athens.

In 1995 it was relocated at Alimos Athens, in our private complex of 3.500 m², at three levels, served by two ramps and an industrial elevator of 7,5 T.

In 2011 it was converted in a S.A.

We import and deal at wholesale, most kinds of lumber, decorative wood, floors and woodpanels.


502, Vouliagmenis Avenue
Alimos, 174 56

Shipping / Deliveries point
3, Koumoundourou str.
Alimos, 174 56

GPS coordinates:
N 37° 55,547′
Ε 23° 44,599΄

Τ: 210 99.59.080-4
F: 210 99.33.436